We draw attention to the peak of your brand through our meticulous ways.

The moody maker has an excellent team of photographers and videographers to capture your events. We reckon that every event has its purpose and objective. Our company is obliged to accompany your event by capturing unforgettable moments for you to treasure.

Corporate event

The corporate world has a fast-paced life. We are here to capture all the details of the events precisely. We are here to shoot the beginnings and the objectives of the event for your company’s future portfolio.

Sports event

Be it cricket, tennis, golf,  etc., sporting events are celebrated, like a festival in our country. Our team is here to seal those epic shots and hits of the sports events in our camera.

Fashion event

Fashion events and those designer outfits cannot go unnoticed by the visitor’s purview. Fashion events are all about those curated fashion magics and moments which took months and years to look that fascinating. We are here to retain your efforts in the form of photographs and videos.

Party and function events

Parties and functions are all about clicks and poses. Our company has the best team found for your perfect shots. Open the doors and turn up the lights with moody makers for your future diary.

Exhibition & Ticketed events

We all are enthusiastic about concerts, fests, exhibitions and any other ticket events. The spirit of joy also needs a team of photographers and videographers to document your breathtaking event.

A photographic story.

Creating a timeless look, coupled with a flawless moment.

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